Vincenzo Montefusco

For Vincenzo Montefusco the exhibition is a space to explore and expose the implicit assumptions, hidden biases, and latent contradictions of the culture and language that, not too consciously, humans adopt.

Through installations, short films and collection of objects, his work orbits around terms such as otherness, non-act, banality and arbitrariness, developing in parallel site specific projects and long term researches.

Born in Brescia (Italy) in 1989, he graduated as engineer in data visualization and computational design. Studying art as a self-taught, he later fully dedicated to the artistic research. Currently based between Mexico City and Milan, he lived and worked in Paris, Lisbon, Siracusa and Istanbul.

Recent and current exhibitions include: Chiese Chiuse, SITU ART FESTIVAL, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Sicilia (2023), Io Sconfino, DASTE Cultural Center, Bergamo (2023); The Man Whose Time Frame Was 2 Sec, Door9 Art Space, Athens (2022).

Exhibitions and Residencies:

Residency Program
MILAN, March-April 2024

Chiese Chiuse
SITU Art Festival

Io Sconfino
prize - group exhibition, DASTE Cultural Center
BERGAMO, March 2023

The Man Whose Time Frame Was 2 Sec
solo exhibition, Door9 Art Space
ATHENS, November 2022

solo exhibition, Foco Gallery
LISBON, August 2021

solo exhibition, Prisma Estúdio
LISBON, October 2020


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