Vincenzo Montefusco

Vincenzo Montefusco is a mixed-media artist who explores how the digital innovations of the information age are progressively reshaping the ethic and the esthetic of the human being.

His action is geared towards making ‘sense’, giving perception, of the complexity of the contemporaneity, and understanding how it mutates the individual and social understanding of concepts such as time, imagination, knowledge, doubt, determinism.

Born in Brescia in 1989, he received a master degree in architectural engineering, specializing in data visualization and computational design. He started his professional art career as self-taught. He previously lived and worked in Paris, Stuttgart, Milan, Lisbon and Syracuse. He is currently based in Istanbul.


Io Sconfino
group exhibition, DASTE Cultural Center
BERGAMO, March 2023

The Man Whose Time Frame Was 2 Sec
solo exhibition, Door9 Art Space
ATHENS, November 2022

Everyday I forget Yesterday I called Today Tomorrow
solo exhibition
SIRACUSA, March 2022

Frontiers of privacy
group exhibition, MIAO Gallery
BERLIN, October 2021

solo exhibition, Foco Gallery
LISBON, August 2021

solo exhibition, PRISMA Gallery
LISBON, October 2020